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Track Name: Maggot Blanket...
Scream as drooling anthropods crawl out of your eyes
maggot blanket,rot away into a compost heap
squirming larvae in your brain hatch soon after their layed
return your body to the soil,hungry for decay
in a box an insect feast,of post mortem cadaver flesh
hollowed eye slots now are home to a seething insect nest...
Track Name: Detrimentally Insane...
Born to be in agony,aching to be dead
the majority of humanity,are fucked in the head
the world is an asylum for the sickest deviants known
their goal to hunt the gods at will,and then usurp the throne
homicidal - delerium
suicidal - existence
the skeletons of society,have been worked to the bone
betrayed and mentally raped,left to live as zombie drones
they soon become carnivorous for the finer things in life
they'll find a way to get their fix,by any means necessary
homicidal - delerium
suicidal - existence
a mutiny rises from subterrain,you trip on bodies in the streets
looting,panic,and all out violence,is a fate you've come to meet
backstabbing everyone you trusted if only to survive
because only those who steal and kill are liable to be left alive...
Track Name: Fist of Death...
-Fist Of Death...-
The rotten eternal dominion
has forsaken the common man
made sacrifice of these civilians
as part of their wretched plan
a commitee of ancient evil
plots in a sacred temple
a slow and grueling genocide
of the entire population
poisons raining from the sky
millions of innocent people die
children melt caught in the fire
of the atomic bomb tonight
guinea pigs escape their cages
experiments that are filled with rage
murderous convicts now revolt
let's all party cause it's the end of
the world
perverted beyond the confines of
your imagination,
the entire planet is subject to intense
a mother and child feast on a corpse
so that they won't have to starve
failed by the governing hand
that smiled at them from the TV screen
the shit has fucking hit the fan
so beware of the fist of death...
Track Name: I Squirt Germs...
I'm coming to molest,my semen shall infest
you'll die of a disease,that you got from me
I look into the mirror and all I see is filth
my own reflection makes me feel repulsed
I Squirt Germs(x4)
dripping scabs upon my prick,for so long
now I've been fucking sick,sick sick sick
of this fucking world,so I must spread the
virus,to kill you all
I Squirt Germs(x4)
I squirt fucking germs and I don't give a fuck
I'll squirt upon your face and fill your mouth with muck
no one's fucking safe from my disgusting wrath
I'll squirt my fucking germs all over your wife's ass...
Track Name: Permanent Necrosis...
Body rotting in an alley
picked apart by mangey dogs
soon there will be nothing
except a pile of bones
there is no turning back
now that your fucking dead
your corpse shall rot eternally
your soul shall be in pain
permanent necrosis
permanent necrosis
always look on the bright side
of life,
cause one of these days we're
all gonna die
no world of worries to torment
your thoughts
just rotting forever in a fucking
permanent necrosis
permanent necrosis
now your just a fucking carcass
cast into the earthy ground
they'll put you dressed up in a
coffin painted like a fucking clown...
Track Name: Shrunken Head Bang...
Missionaries in a land
currently uncharted by modern man
captured by a savage tribe
and drug to an altar where they will die
cranially detruncted
by the withered shaman
recipe to dessicate
sewn and stuffed for preservation
meat is chewed from human bones
parts recycled and used as tools
prepare for the ritual
to praise the gods for delivering them
colleagues follow in their tracks
desperately scouring the jungle for their
lost friends
discovered by two warriors who take
them back to the village
they treat them all like kings
but their body's they'll soon pillage
hogtied and hanging in a hut
just before the ritual
one awakes in a bloody daze
to find shrunken human heads staring
back at him...
Track Name: Something Disgusting This Way Comes...
I have stood toe to toe with evil
looked deep into eyes of a being
so malevolent,that even utter
his name's putrid syllables,brings
one's stomache to the point where
it must regurgitate

something disgusting this way comes

riding high on the acrid breeze which
once blew between the crevices of corpses
laying in a hollowed out tree trunk that
is now being reduced to compost by grubs

something disgusting this way comes

crawling fetus smashed beneath a heavy
boot,with one eye out continues to crawl
as the corpses of all your dead pets,come
back home to be fed once again
the ravens and buzards feast on living flesh
the planet decays to the core

something disgusting this way comes

I am the corpse,I rot to the bone
a bitter and creaking lethargy drone
my bloated flesh dangles from shards
of rotting marrow,
as I collapse severely from the inside

something disgusting this way comes...
Track Name: The Hills Have Thighs...
Penetrate those which we hate with
a fucking rusty blade
desecrate and masturbate,the lifeless
bodies from the grave
sadistic torture caught on tape,a vicious
spree of butchery
their home's an altar carved from flesh
a shrine to their most heinous killings -
bloodthirsty inbred mutant ghouls
maim and rape the mortal fools
try to escape but they fail
their flesh now to my wall is nailed!!!
teenaged bitch runs through the woods
leaving behind her a trail of blood
gets her leg caught in a trap
now her fleshy thighs I hack!!!
do you feel like you can't breath?
do you feel confined?
as you slowly choke to death,
you'll know,the hills have thighs!!!...
Track Name: Venereal Hell...
There is no cock she wouldn't suck,
there is no John she wouldn't fuck
there is no trick she wouldn't turn
so now in venereal hell she burns
all she cared about was the cash
so she could finance her stash
a fissure tears inside her ass
and infected fluids fill the gash
her estranged child will never know
a mother or a steady home
one week later she feels ill
but she never tested still
desperately fucking every one she
meets,and continuously spreading
the un-cureable disease
as her body withers and immunities
decline,less and less customers
were standing in her line,
resembling a rotting corpse wearing
fishnets and stilleto heels
her death went un-noticed as she
collapsed in the street...
Track Name: Ripped Apart...
Ripped apart,
still alive,
scream in pain,
as you die...
Track Name: I Wanna Be Embalmed...
Dark days lay ahead
lusting for the dead
I need the fucking living
like a hole in the head
many hours spent
amongst rows of corpses
makes me come to think
you'd all be better dead

I wanna be embalmed!!!(x4)

cadavers have no thoughts
or opinions in their skulls
excovated on the table
their brains lay exposed
dessicate my flesh
and put me in a box
I'm just so sick of living
it's time to fucking rot!!!...
Track Name: Re-routed Nasal Rectum...
Blow your nose,wipe your ass
same old body,same old shit
surgically altared,while unconscious
when you blow your nose,out comes excrement
the vile stench stained in your nasal cavity
fills you with the imminent urge to regurgitate
re-routed nasal rectum,
re-routed nasal rectum,
re-routed nasal rectum,
bronchial sphincter disgust
you feel a sneeze is coming on
so to the bathroom you must run
but before you can get through the door
you spray onlookers with diarreah
picking shit from your nosehairs
using charmin instead of cleanex
some gets smeared on your mustache
and it's encrusted all over your top lip...
Track Name: Cruelty Knows No Bounds...
Every inch screaming with pain
orrifices drip to the ground like rain
limbs convulsing from within
ache with lust for deadly sin
reason excreted from the bowels
of your mind
distorted visions that you won't
escape alive
all tissue is moulded into towering
heaps of flesh
remove your skin for your bones
have been blessed
the skull now rots below
in a pool of moss,blood,and mould
a disgusting feast to rotting flies
carrion come to pluck out the eyes
left to fester in a tomb of your own pain
dissect your sanity until agony remains
filling your ears are the echoes of your
spilled out intestines the corpse is
hollowed out inside...
Track Name: Dead At Night...
I've been rotting in this hole for years
now I'm busting out to fill you with fear
my rotting hands upon your pretty throat
terror fills your eyes as you choke
my grip is cold and my eyes are empty
a soulless corpse with a lust for the living
I'll suck your brains out through the holes
in your nose
and leave your body there to fucking decompose!!!
Dead At Night
Lack of Life
Lumbering Flesh
I am your death
Dead At Night
Lack of Life
Lumbering Flesh
Bringer of Death
insanely through the fog I lumber
to kill your children in their slumber
their screams now fade into pathetic whimpers
as their tiny bodys grow limper and limper
late night gluttonously consuming
stalking in the darkness looming
choosing victims at complete random
they will all end up the same way
Dead At Night
Lack Of Life
Lumbering Flesh
I am your death
Dead At Night
Lack of Life
Lumbering Flesh
Bringer of Death
Daylight breaks I must return
to once again be a shell for the worms
my grave remains but I'm contented
so I jump right in pull dirt in over me...
Track Name: Garbage Guts...
dumpster diving is such a pleasure
desperately seeking discarded treasures
unearthing a torso sewn up with stitches
in the garbage of an industrial area
hollowed out cadaveric shell
filled with trash instead of intestines
victim of evisceration
now I'll use it as my plaything
Garbage Guts
Garbage Guts
Garbage Guts
stuffed to the brim
Garbage Guts
Garbage Guts
Garbage Guts
Your my only friend
I'd love to take you home with me
and maybe have a spot of tea
dress you up in lingere
such delightful games we
could play
and if you begin to rot away
I'd be very sad you see
cause the only way you could be
was if I took up taxidermy...
Track Name: Semtex Buttplug...
plastic explosive quick care
to your anal stretch fetish
preffer a silicone butt plug to
the real thing
dumped me for a box of toys
never gave me crap
next time you need a buttfuck fix
it'll be a c-4 trap
detonates against your anal wall
entrails & bone fragments paint
the bathroom stall
janitors scrape you away
if you'd just put out,
this wouldn't have happened at all...
Track Name: Disemboweling Ball...
Hedonistic orgy of lustfilled perversions
debutantes and gentleman succumb to their urges
copronecrophilliacs stretch flesh beyond it's limits
the old feed on the young,as old gray hags masturbate
at the stroke of midnight the real party begins
the music stops and lights go out to usher in the new year
blades and utensils of every sort impaled in twitching orrifices
as guts spill to the ground in immense copulation
mass orgasm,through sinful acts of debauchery
murder is the main course in a high society gore buffet
only those with true bloodlust shall remain standing when the night comes to
an end,
as the rich converge on nubile flesh like hungry dogs to scraps of meat
necropedophiliac fellatio with a young girls severed head
her skinny body torn in half sodomized by men in monicles
pornographic acts not suitable for the healthy minded
all flesh reduced to mush,wealthy cops and politicians join in...
Track Name: Boneyard(Impetigo Cover)...
Strolling through my boneyard
A ghoulish midnight stride
A walk among the corpses
Fills my heart with pride...
A score of screaming victims
To me they scream no more
Forty or four hundred, I've lost count
Buried 'neath the earthen floor...
One by one they meet their doom
Through macabre and nepharious means
Midnight in my boneyard
The wind blows through the trees...